Improve Tennis Singles Training: Experience 160 Innovative Drills For Coaches & Players

The ultimate tennis training video by Martin Kares & Timo Goebel - former Bundesliga Men 30 players.
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Many Coaches & Players are convinced

The Video For Coaches

Timo Goebel und Martin Kares als Trainer

Improve Your Coaching

In the theoretical part, Martin and Timo will explain to you what is particularly important in tennis singles training.

Let Yourself Be Inspired!

160 innovative drills for singles training, which you can use and develop directly in training.

Understand The Student's POV

Through detailed views and player`s perspectives, you'll understand your students' movements.

Profit From Valuable Tips

Get a lot of input on the individual exercises. Martin & Timo comment on many exercises with professional tips.

The Video For Players

Martin Kares als Tennisspieler

Improve Your Game!

Many drills will make you better if you try them out yourself.

Train independently

Many exercises you can simply play with your training partner. You do not need a coach.

Train More Efficiently

No more monotonous playing back and forth. Train with system, the drills will help you.

Improve Your Fitness

Through fitness drills you are physically optimally prepared for your next match.

Enjoy The Video!

Experience a training video like never before! Action scenes, professional music and more await you!

Look forward to this content

160 drills in 28 categories


  • Running Drills
  • Coordination Drills


  • Service Court
  • Baseline
  • Rhythm Exercises


  • Ground Strokes
  • Net Approach
  • Volley / Smash
  • Slice / Dropshot
  • Winning Stroke

Hand Feeding

  • Ground Strokes
  • Stroke Frequency
  • Reaction Drills

Game Opening

  • Serve Training
  • Return Training

Tactics Training

  • Angle shots
  • Offensive play
  • Defensive play

Match Training

  • Match Drills

Kids Training

  • Kindergarten
  • Running ABC
  • Technique Acquisition
  • Technique Application


  • Stabilization
  • Speed Drills
  • Coordination Training
  • Strength & Endurance

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Martin Kares

We Love Tennis

Benefit from our many years of experience as a tennis coach & top player
in the national league men 30.
Martin Kares

Martin Kares

  • Favorite stroke: Return
  • Hobbies: tennis, darts, cooking
  • Best ranking: No. 190 DTB
  • Highest division: Bundesliga Men 30
  • Favorite player: Roger Federer
  • Qualification: DTB B-Trainer competitive sports 
  • Favorite food: Steak
  • Favorite surface: Carpet
Timo Goebel

Timo Goebel

  • Favorite stroke: backhand longline
  • Hobbies: tennis, fitness and yoga 
  • Best ranking: Number 8 DTB Men 30
  • Highest division: Bundesliga Men 30
  • Favorite players: Boris Becker and Roger Federer
  • Qualification: DTB B-Trainer competitive sports 
  • Favorite food: Lasagna 
  • Favorite surface: Carpet
Timo Goebel